Wednesday, 14 March 2012


The overall experience of the unit was really good and worth while. I got to learn new things in various new ways which was the interesting part about it. I never thought I would make a man walk on maya, it seemed like an impossible task but it happened.  When i actually read the brief of the final assignment, i could only think of how to start, but once I actually sat down to do it, I figured out that it can be cracked with some bits of handwork.

Doing the modeling and rigging in class was something that was worth learning even though it was just a part of the classroom, Building an actual model was definitely a very interesting task. The life drawing classes I attended taught me a lot about body proportions and I also gained a lot of practical knowledge which would help me to develop a character in the right proportion in an easy way. Every little thing that we made or moved during the term will always come to use in the field of animation.

I got stuck at a lot of places but I think thats what it is about and it all depends on how we solve the problems we come across while working at our projects to make it easier for the next time we do the same task or solve a similar problem.

This experience will always be remembered and cherished. Thank you for all the amazing moments.

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